GLOBALWALK S.L. is a consultant company, offers a list of services for business owners to choose from, depending on their particular business needs. The services include business and marketing plan preparation, searching, management development, operations, etc. Focus on worldwide business connections. GLOBAL WALK focus on international business cooperation opportunities, GLOBALWALK will have a focus on start-up businesses, preferably in the earlier stages of operation. Small and mid-sized businesses make up a sizable majority of Spain and international markets. GLOBALWALK prefers to establish a relationship with a younger operation and continue to nurture that relationship over the long term.

Our Services


GLOBALWALK S.L is a business consulting company , which all types of business activities are in our field. we have completed the register which is the legal process in Barcelona , our head office. The projects of GLOBALWALK always about consulting for our clients( both individuals or companies). GLOBALWALK a EU based legally registered agency who handle local and international consulting service, tax or business-related activities. The company managers are E C EKOBA and Z J ZHAO, which are profession in this field of international business management.

GLOBALWALK Operation: we are working with local and international companies, focusing on local small middle size companies, not the big fish, we find a way for the small construction companies in Spain to “Jump outside their comfort zone”, explore more business benefits and grow without a huge inflection in the local market. GLOBAL WALK is matching the two points together, what we do is to find the right size company to engage to the right level of clients, and let them start a new level of business cooperation.

External Services: GLOBALWALK cooperate with the services providers. Lawyers ( support us in legal terms and present us with official department) Website design company ( to support us in the professional part in our website building) Financial company( to support us with Tax payment..etc..). We create the model of how future companies and business will be , we are not selling any physical product

Production Plan:, GLOBALWALK is a consultant company, we do not produce physical product, what we produce is our ideas and our ability of solving problems and bring cooperation connection for local business to international market. In the first year GLOBALWALK is focus on reaching serious of cooperation agreement with the construction companies in Spain and other countries, with different offers and levels( we need small middle size of construction companies around 5 to 6 , which offer different services,